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Raúl Curiel BA(Hons) MArch
Non-executive Chairman

Raúl’s career as a professional architect spanned some 45 years up to his retirement from Aukett Swanke in 2015.  Working in both the UK and internationally he delivered over 300,000 square meters of space and specialised in the design of Corporate Offices, Business Parks and Master Planning.

During his career he has been Chairman of Fitzroy Robinson, European Managing Director of its successor Aukett Fitzroy Robinson, and subsequently a non executive director of the Group until 2010.


Nicholas Thompson BSc(Hons) MBA ACMA

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas is Aukett Swanke’s CEO and has over 30 years of experience in the property and consulting sector having originally joined Fitzroy Robinson as its Finance Director in 1994. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from City University and currently sits on the Cass MBA Advisory Board. He is also qualified accountant and has a degree from Bath University. In 2015 he became a non-executive director of the Wren Insurance Association Limited, a mutual insurer for architectural practices, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. At Aukett Swanke Nicholas is responsible for the Group’s strategic growth plans and has wide experience in this area. During his career he led the finance team of Bernard Thorpe, a major UK surveying practice, to create what later became DTZ in 1993; and, followed this with a reverse takeover of Aukett Group Plc by Fitzroy Robinson Limited in 2005. In 2013 he led the negotiations to acquire Swanke Hayden Connell Europe and established a new international brand: Aukett Swanke;  and, followed this in 2015 with the acquisition of a controlling interest in John R Harris & Partners based in the Gulf region in order to capitalise on our presence in the Middle East. 


Robert Fry BA(Hons) DipArch MA RIBA Int’l AIA
Executive Director

Robert was appointed to the Aukett Swanke Group Plc Board on 29th March 2018, and retains the role of Managing Director - International of Aukett Swanke Group Plc that he has held since December 2013, and continues to play a key role in the development of the Group’s operational strategy across its three geographies comprising the UK, Europe (including Russia & Turkey), and the UAE.

He has also undertaken client facing roles in an advisory capacity to support teams on projects from all sectors across the core disciplines of Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design and Workplace Consulting. He is a multi-skilled architect combining leadership and creative thinking with business acumen.  During his 30 years of experience in the firm his breadth of experience as an architect has developed from designing and delivering projects large and small to the current strategic role embracing the management and development of operational strategies within the Group’s businesses.  

John Bullough
Non-executive Director

John joined Aukett Swanke as a non-executive director in June 2014. He has over 40 years of international experience in property development and investment. Following 18 years with Grosvenor, John joined ALDAR Properties in Abu Dhabi and was their Chief Executive until 2011. He is a chartered surveyor and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and is a past president of the British Council of Shopping Centres.


Corporate governance 

Board of Directors

The Group is headed by a Board of Directors which leads and controls the Group and which is accountable to shareholders for good corporate governance of the Group.

The Board currently comprises three executive directors and two independent non-executive directors who bring a wide range of experience and skills to the Company.

The Board considers Anthony Simmonds and John Bullough to be independent non-executive directors.

The Board meets regularly to determine the policy and business strategy of the Group and has adopted a schedule of matters that are reserved as responsibilities of the Board. The Board has delegated certain authorities to Board committees, each with formal terms of reference.


Audit Committee 

The main role and responsibility of the Audit Committee is to monitor the integrity of the information published by the Group about its financial performance and position. It does this keeping under review the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal financial controls and by reviewing and challenging the selection and application of important accounting policies, the key judgements and estimates made in the preparation of the financial information and the adequacy of the accompanying narrative reporting.

The Audit Committee is also responsible for overseeing the relationship with the external auditor which includes considering its selection, independence, terms of engagement, remuneration and performance. A formal statement of independence is received from the external auditor each year.

It meets at least twice a year with the external auditor to discuss audit planning and the audit findings, with certain executive directors attending by invitation. If appropriate, the external auditor attends part of each committee meeting without the presence of any executive directors.

The Audit Committee currently comprises Anthony Simmonds, as Chairman, and John Bullough and they report to the Board on matters discussed at the Committee meetings.


Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee convenes not less than twice a year, ordinarily on a six monthly basis, and during the year it met on three occasions. The Committee comprises Anthony Simmonds and John Bullough, with John Bullough as Chairman. It is responsible for determining remuneration policy and all aspects of the Executive Directors’ remuneration and incentive packages including pension arrangements, bonus provisions, discretionary share options, relevant performance targets and the broader terms and conditions of their service contracts.

In fulfilling its duties the Committee initiates research as appropriate into market remuneration comparables, appointing third party advisors as required. In liaison with the Nomination Committee it has regard to succession planning and makes recommendations to the Board in relation to proposed remuneration packages for any proposed new Executive and Non-executive appointments.

Where appropriate the Committee consults the Chief Executive Officer regarding its proposals. No Director plays a part in any discussion regarding his or her own remuneration.


Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is responsible for keeping under regular review the size, structure and composition (including the skills, knowledge, experience and diversity) of the Board. This includes considering succession planning for the senior management of the Group, taking into account the skills and expertise expected to be needed in the future.

It is responsible for nominating new candidates for the Board, for which selection criteria are agreed in advance of any new appointment.

The Nomination Committee is chaired by Anthony Simmonds with the other members being Nicholas Thompson and John Bullough.


Internal Controls and Risk Committee 

The Directors acknowledge that they are responsible for the Group’s system of internal controls and for reviewing its effectiveness (excluding joint ventures and associate). The Directors, supported by the Risk Committee, review all controls including operational, compliance and risk management, as well as financial controls. Risk management and internal control are considered by the Directors at Board meetings. Any such system of internal control is designed to manage risk and can only provide reasonable and not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss. 

The Internal Controls and Risk Committee is chaired by Anthony Simmonds. Nicholas Thompson and Beverley Wright are also members.


AIM Rule 26

Our adoption of the QCA Code with regard to compliance with AIM Rule 26 may be found by following this link.




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