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23 June 2017


Aukett Swanke are taking part in the RIBA Schools Programme for 2017. We have been paired up with Sir John Heron Primary School and will be providing a 1 day architecture experience for 57 year 5 kids on 29th June 2017.

The 7 Architects / Architectural Assistants will be taking the children through a typical lifecycle of a building through a day sequence of Planning, Building and Testing. The aim of the day is not to create the next generation of architects however, to inform our future cities by educating the children of the present.

The concept of the day is 'Dentopia'...a scenario based in 2117 where the world's countries have been affected by the increase in global warming leaving their specific housing unfit for purpose.

The children will be assigned a country where they will be challenged to design and build a den to provide them shelter in these new extreme weather conditions.

The architects will be helping them along their journey, teaching them the basic methods of designing, using scale and understanding materiality before building their dens. At the end of the day, all the dens will be 'stress' tested for all types of weather conditions!

In the lead up to the event, Aukett Swanke will be raising money for the annual Save the Children event 'Den Day' which hopes to raise awareness for the charity.

We hope that by providing a light-hearted day for the children, will inspire them to challenge the forms they see in the everyday built environment.

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