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18 May 2017

Rui Costa and Nicholas de Klerk from our London Studios will be speaking at Vision London 2017 at London’s Olympia on 7th June. Our presentation will cover the use of prefabrication and rapid prototyping, and the lessons learned and opportunities presented by our design and construction of a concept hotel room for the Sleep Event in November 2016.

The room sought to design an immersive experience for a ‘sensation-oriented’ guest who demands a great deal more from their environment and one which made the occupier much more aware of the visual, acoustic and tactile qualities of the space. Building it in three days, on a constrained site with restricted access, and with a fully integrated as yet untested lighting system, required a complete offsite pre-assembly to ensure everything would come together correctly.

We will examine this construction, its potential implications for large scale prefabrication in the residential and hospitality sectors, and also reveal a concept for a ‘sensation oriented’ hotel integrated into our Work / Learn / Live / Play Chassis.



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