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Aukett Swanke Group PLC (“ASG”) recognises and accepts the duty placed on it as an employer to provide both a safe and healthy place of work and working environment. The ASG PLC Board accept that this duty extends to non-employees who may be affected by ASG’s activities or who may visit AS premises.

The PLC Board is committed to continuous improvement in health and safety within all areas of ASG’s business operations. In this respect it will take all necessary steps to ensure that at all times there is appropriate resourcing in the provision of manpower, accommodation, materials and training, for the organisation and arrangements for health and safety.

The PLC Board believes that full and effective compliance with the duties placed on ASG can only be achieved with the active involvement of the whole workforce. The PLC Board therefore calls upon the full support and co-operation of all its employees in respect of the arrangements made to ensure that health and safety is an integral part of all areas of ASG’s business operations.


Robert Fry
Executive Director

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