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Information Team
  • Client: Allianz
  • Services: Architecture

Following our fitout of Allianz’s Headquarters in Istanbul, we were then asked to create their new Operations Centre in Izmir, with modernity, aesthetics and functionality as key aims that would reflect the values of Allianz. The climate and social lifestyle of the city have informed the indoor-outdoor transitions, with large green areas and shaded courtyards.

Important principles in the design were to maintain harmony with the landscape, and the creation of leisure, sport and landscape areas in open and semi-open spaces. Above ground a pedestrianised, accessible design has been created with all vehicle circulation below ground creating a controlled and safe environment. The above ground built form has been consciously reduced, enabling extra sports and recreation areas to be provided. 

Circulation through the long, low-level building is highlighted with different materials and finishes, enlivening routes as users move around the building. Staircases located in the centre of both blocks provide visual and physical communication between floors; the cafeteria areas located around them contributes to the social life of the building. 

The energy-conscious building has been awarded a Leed Gold Certificate, and solar panels on the roof contribute to its own energy production.

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