Projects > One Coleman Street

Information Team
  • London EC2
  • Client: Pillar Properties
  • Size: 21,133sqm / 227,400sqft
  • Services: Architecture
    Interior Design

Designed in association with David Walker Architects, the scheme incorporates new public gardens in front of the adjacent Girdlers’ Hall, relocation of access to the underground car park, and provision of a future pedestrian link to the proposed CrossRail station at Moorgate.

The new building reconciles the historic texture of the traditional urban core with the less well-defined townscape of the adjacent London Wall, hugging the gentle curve of London Wall and effectively defining the street.

The typical exterior wall is composed of polished precast concrete panels utilising reconstituted stone aggregate. The storefront and upper storeys are clad in polished stainless steel.  The nine-storey office building contains typical floorplates of 1,906sqm (20,516sqft). 

With a net-to-gross ratio of approximately 90%, One Coleman Street is one of the most space efficient buildings in London.

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