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Information Team
  • London
  • Client: UBM/Sleep Hotel Design Event Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine / Mivan Marine
  • Size: 28sqm
  • Services: Hotels

Aukett Swanke designed ‘Bivouac’, a 1:1 mock-up of a prototype concept hotel room, which was constructed for the 2016 Sleep Hotel Design Expo.

Designed for a ‘sensation-oriented’ guest, the room fuses architecture and interior design to create an immersive environment, which fully engages the guest’s tactile, visual and acoustic sense of the space. 

Incorporating a sleeping area, a social space and bathroom area, the mesh-lined room has an integrated, fully programmable lighting system which, for the show, was set to mimic a circadian cycle, with morning, afternoon and evening settings. The set was constructed off-site and assembled in only three days using seventy two, safely and easily handled, individual modular cassettes which were cut directly from the Revit model.

Timelapse construction film

Interview with Nick de Klerk at Sleep 2016

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