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Information Team
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Client: Vysota
  • Size: 41,400sqm and 32,000sqm
  • Services: Architectural Competition

We were invited to participate in a closed architectural competition to produce concept designs for the headquarters buildings for Sportmaster and O’stin. The 1.4 hectare site is located in an industrial area, approximately one mile from the centre of Moscow, on the Zvenigorod Highway. In the future this industrial area will be redeveloped to incorporate business and residential neighbourhoods which will be built to coordinate with the current road network. Our scheme is designed to support this grid regeneration and the HQ buildings are intended to form a spectacular "ceremonial" gate visible from the main highways.

Our scheme creates the illusion of one single shape, representing a single business, however on approach to the site it becomes evident that there is a pair of nearly identical trapezoidal forms, uniting the two sites to create headquarters for both brands – ‘making two halves, whole’.

The corners of the buildings are geometrically structured to maximise views of the highway towards the city centre. The facades are designed with deep regular vertical lamellas with glazing and embedded ventilation openings which gradually open to the viewer while moving along the façade.

The landscaping in front of the main entrances plays an especially important role: graphic paving with alternating strips of contrast colours and built-in linear lighting join to create one united public area, which clearly connects the facades and emphasises the unity of corporate culture between two companies.

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