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Information Team
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Client: Goodman
  • Size: 11,000sqm / 120,000sqft
  • Services: Architecture
    Master Planning

The Eastside Locks regeneration seeks to redevelop, reinvigorate and relink the former domestic and industrial area to the city centre. 

Building 5 sits at the arrival point of this mixed-use development. It is a five storey office building with a total area of 120,000sqft (11,000sqm) GEA including a small retail component at ground level. The triangular floor layout has an uninterrupted 12m wide floorplate with a central core and atrium, bringing natural light to an otherwise deep office space.

The irregularity of the plot has influenced the curving the façade facing Arrival Square presenting a softer appearance and channelling the natural the flow of traffic on each side of the plot.

Contextually, the use of bricks for the façade and the building’s industrial warehouse-type appearance aim to complement the historical background of the site and in particular the adjacent existing Co-op Building – a locally listed brick built Victorian bicycle factory. The façade is articulated by the glazed setback at ground and top levels, emphasis of the brick piers against the spandrels, and the addition of vertical projecting mullions to the top floor.

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