Retail R+D

Our R+D explorations have generated some highly innovative, widely acclaimed and fresh design approaches across education, industrial, workplace, residential and recently hybrids of two or three of these typologies

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    Sector Retail
  • Services Architecture

We are now looking at the retail sector as it moves through increasingly tough challenges, with pre, current and post pandemic impacts.

This includes shopping centres in urban, suburban and rural locations, with some key analysis of usage and building compositions that inform a range of ideas and propositions around transformation and reinvigoration in its specific setting.

Brutally, shopping centres have been failing for a while but their locations, embodied carbon structures, large agile volumes and community roles offer valuable repurposing opportunities for owners, tenants and the wider community.

They are naturally adaptable with their generous level changes, and often ideally located for a range of new uses, sometimes retaining some retail but often open to new forms of activity, including leisure, workplace, education, logistics, residential and cultural.

Retail mall types

We have developed a generic model with a number of typical elements and tried out various new uses with the existing structure and new fames where beneficial.

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The R+D is a collaborative journey and we would welcome a discussion with your retail leaders to share our findings and ideas, and to listen to your thoughts on the challenges and any comments on our work. This would then be reflected in our direction of further research and creative explorations.

If you would be interested on meeting up for a run through of the material to date, we would be delighted. If you feel this would be of interest to a colleague or two then they are very welcome.

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