Who we are . . .

We are a highly innovative and award winning design studio across the disciplines of master planning, architecture, interior design and workplace consultancy, with a collective design culture that has been sustained since 1906

Our collective colleagues are a delightfully diverse and skilled mix of people with many different cultural influences and innovative outlooks.

From top left: Luke Schuberth, Managing Director - UK; Suzette Vela Burkett, Managing DIrector - UK; Tom Alexander, Director; Robert Symonds, Director

Luke Schuberth, Suzette Vela Burkett, Tom Alexander and Robert Symonds are the directors who lead and enable our studio colleagues to design exemplary people and planet friendly projects in the UK and internationally.

We encourage and support each other to create the best and most sustainable design for our clients, seeking to understand, reflect and enhance their own diversities and characteristics.

We illustrate in the diagram below how our past informs us, our culture shapes us and our client design services benefit from the collective blending of all these humanist and technological design activities.

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