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Aukett Swanke has been at the forefront of incorporating Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodologies and digital strategies to enhance the design process. We continuously review, assess, and successfully implement various design tools to leverage the best suite of tools for each task


BIM at Aukett Swanke is led by our BIM and Digital Strategies Lead, Anirudh Sood. With a background in Architecture, Anirudh is qualified to lead and drive innovation within the practice. He oversees the development and maintenance of BIM standards and internal workflows, manages software and digital design tools, and devises training strategies.

Anirudh also researches, evaluates, and tests new BIM / Digital tools and methodologies. To ensure the highest quality of model output, the practice has implemented a robust QA and auditing system.

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Recognising the transformative potential of BIM and digital tools, Aukett Swanke has seamlessly integrated clash detection methodologies into several projects. Utilising tools such as Navisworks Manage, BIM360, and BIMTrack, we have facilitated efficient coordination among the broader design team.

Moreover, Aukett Swanke’s proficiency in delivering BIM Models for Facilities Management is continually evolving. As exemplified in recent projects, including the Bristol development, we have supplied comprehensive IFC 3D Models and COBie data, aligning with global standards.

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Sustainability is a key focus for Aukett Swanke, and we leverage specialised tools within our BIM processes to test designs at an early stage. This allows the practice to analyse proposals, compare alternatives, and make informed decisions regarding materials and construction methods.

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Project planning and execution

We advise and collaborate with clients to define project BIM requirements and develop EIRs (Exchange Information Requirements). Specific workflows are detailed in the BEP (BIM Execution Plan) to take advantage of a fully collaborative BIM process.

Industry collaboration

Additionally, Aukett Swanke is a founding member of the Digital Design Leadership Group. This collective effort involves large architectural practices based in the UK, working together to drive the industry forward into the digital age. Through shared experiences and challenges, they advance innovation and technological development.

In summary, Aukett Swanke’s commitment to BIM methodologies and digital strategies has been instrumental in enhancing their design process. With a dedicated BIM and Digital Strategies Lead, the practice maintains high standards through the development of internal workflows and continuous research into new tools and methodologies.

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