People + Planet Award for Jemima Dabell and Lewis Foster-Jeapes

Lewis Foster-Jeapes and Jemima Dabell

The School of Architecture at Loughborough University only started five years ago but it has already established itself as a pioneer and one of the leading UK places to study. We have watched and engaged with this journey via our director Tom Alexander and were delighted once again to review, select and present the award to two outstanding students for their end of year projects – Jemima Dabell and Lewis Foster-Jeapes.  An award embedded in our culture, both schemes explored tough realities for the wellbeing of both people and our environment with inquisitive intellect and encouraging elegant designs.

A huge well done to the whole school ; their fearless students, essential support team (led by Karen Holmes), inspiring tutors (Louise Linthwaite, Matyas Gutai, Andrew Holmes and Benjamin Machin), and their ebullient leader Robert Schmidt III.


Our relationship with the University is a pleasure and enduring; and our extension to the Sir Frank Gibb Engineering Building, the Centre for Collaborative Construction Research, is still shimmering on the campus.

The Centre for Collaborative Construction Research, Loughborough University, designed by Aukett Swanke
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