Loughborough, UK

Centre for Collaborative Construction Research

Loughborough University required a strong architectural solution to achieve an energy efficient form with excellent internal connectivity between the new building and existing space

Project Details

  • Location UK
  • Type New build
  • Area 1,760m² 18,900ft²
  • Sector Education
  • Client Loughborough University
  • Services Architecture

Collective Team

The new building is a part of the University’s Engineering Faculty and incorporates a new 1,760sqm building linked to the existing and refurbished Sir Frank Gibb Building, originally designed in 1969.

The new building wraps sinuously around the existing Sir Frank Gibb Building

The scheme has a broad sustainability strategy and orientates the new building to shade a large proportion of the existing elevation and also reduces the amount of external envelope construction.

The new centre is designed to create spaces where academics and researchers can work in an inter-disciplinary manner and incorporates new ways of working – an approach more usually associated with the corporate sector elsewhere.

“We sought open, friendly and interactive work settings for our academic, clerical and research staff and students. The combi-office has been particularly successful in allowing staff to work undisturbed in a study or to work/relax with others in the open areas. We see much more of each other! ”

Simon Austin Professor of Structural Engineering, Loughborough University
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