London, UK

Here East Biosphere

Transformation of industrial building to workplace / R&D / education / leisure options within the confines of a light industrial space, previously designated for a data centre

Project Details

  • Location UK
  • Type Refurbishment
  • Status Feasibility
  • Sector Offices, Industrial, Mixed Use, Hybrid
  • Services Architecture

Collective Team

This has involved a thorough analysis and profound reimagining of the two cavernous volumes inside the portal frames and concrete floors, extending up to the roof level and out to the side gantry.

We worked closely with specialist consultants to understand the challenges of the existing structure and service requirements to create a truly agile and enticing variety of public and private settings that can accommodate the industrious to the delicate, the secure to the accessible, the enormous to the miniscule.

Central square
Upper level
Explore Work / Learn / Live / Play Chassis Work / Learn / Live / Play Chassis