London, UK

Here East Biosphere

Transformation of industrial building to workplace / R&D / education / leisure options within the confines of a light industrial space, previously designated for a data centre

Project Details

  • Location London
  • Type Refurbishment
  • Sector Hybrid, Offices
  • Services Architecture

Collective Team

This has involved a thorough analysis and profound reimagining of the two cavernous volumes inside the portal frames and concrete floors, extending up to the roof level and out to the side gantry.

We worked closely with specialist consultants to understand the challenges of the existing structure and service requirements to create a truly agile and enticing variety of public and private settings that can accommodate the industrious to the delicate, the secure to the accessible, the enormous to the miniscule.

Central square

“The task was to reposition what was there in the form of two very large volumes one on top the other, that had no daylight or fresh air, into something inspiring and effective in the market. The possibilities needed resetting at the time and is even more relevant in the current market following covid and its reflections on what we all want and need as a place to work and create. The vision created was an extremely collaborative environment with a great variety of lettable volumes and interactive spaces, served by a micro mobility of walking, jogging, scooters and golf buggies that can’t be offered in standard urban office buildings. This is what the market is seeking, and this inner space design transformation by Aukett Swanke enabled us to share the vision and transfer the lease to new enlightened tenants, including the V&A. Their design pushed the boundaries of what was possible, acting as a springboard to take the idea to reality.”

Piers Nickalls BXT : Office Leasing Lead - Argent LLP (Commissioned when Director at Savills)
Upper level
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