Industrial R+D

We have been exploring and refreshing a design approach for industrial buildings that focuses on the people who work in them and the community in which they inhabit

Project Details

    Sector Industrial
  • Services Architecture
Sketch model of the community / industry interface
Reimagining the public face of the industrial unit
Embracing the industrial aesthetic in the workplace

Creating some secure and controlled visibility into the activities, which are often fascinating, is key to connecting these employment activities with local neighbours. Being able to see more out from inside also works for the tenants in feeling a part of the wider community.

Our R+D found ways to retain and enhance the traditional building and layout principles of an industrial project to celebrate the businesses inside and connect them with the public realm and other local uses.

We established the base costs and any uplift for enhancements into a menu of opportunities for developers and tenants to review and select on a given project.

One of our early projects created a masterplan that included facing the front doors, R+D spaces and workplace mezzanines onto a recreational village green with residential communities on the opposite side.

This ground breaking approach was widely acclaimed and led us to look further into Hybrids of industrial and residential.

Bringing industry into the community
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