Hounslow, London UK

Rectory Farm

This extraordinary project sees a farm near to Heathrow Airport being transformed into 3 million square feet of below ground, highly flexible employment space with a public sports park and leisure heath above

Project Details

  • Location London
  • Type New build
  • Area 3,000,000ft² 27Ha
  • Sector Hybrid, Industrial
  • Client Formal Investments
  • Services Architecture

The existing farmland consists of high quality gravel, ideal for the construction industry’s concrete mix requirements, which will be excavated in phases and introduced into the market.

The Park Roof will then be constructed in the phased sequence as a unique multi-purpose membrane consisting of roof structure, sports pitches, natural planting, services zones and passive thermal mass.

Section through whole site showing industrial units and access street below ground with landscaped public parkland and leisure space above

Access, daylight, fresh air and extract ventilation will be achieved via a discreet central and open topped street at the lower level, combined with eyelid forms cast into the park roof to create a healthy and inspiring workplace.

This blend of sustainable land reuse, permeable roof architecture and landscape design will create an innovative new public amenity and an agile workplace opportunity for the local neighbourhood and international tenants.

Industrial unit with skylight eyelids

It is an example of our pioneering 3D master planning approach developed across a range of Hybrid projects in London and the UK

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