Moscow, Russia

Mone Residence

Our international competition winning design for a landmark residential tower provides state of the art apartments and a new landmark presence to the neighbourhood with an elegant and distinguished design

Project Details

  • Location International
  • Type New build
  • Area 38,000m² 410,000ft²
  • Sector Residential
  • Client AB Development
  • Services Architecture

The master plan for this 18 storey, 38,000sqm luxury residential tower creates an exclusive and secure landscape and full services access in a discreet and efficient layout.

The architectural design is scaled into parts by form and material, matching the adjacent lower buildings, and with elegant vertical windows grouped together. At key corners these are set out from the main façade to create unique bays.

The overall form and appearance is balanced to meet all the city regulations and codes, whilst delivering delightful living environments, zoned servicing and column free living spaces.

The southerly aspect and fantastic panoramic views across central Moscow are maximised by the provision of tall, corner windows.

The design creates a natural setting in the landscape design both into and around the building so that the residents can see and feel the natural environment as an oasis within the city

The main entrance to the residence includes a generous and stylish gallery space leading to a relaxing lounge, with a private garden forming a stunning visual backdrop.

A public café and retail units are also included at ground level, with two levels of parking below ground.

Apartments are a mix of one to three bed units with two special penthouse levels at the top.  The design follows recent trends in residential design to offer a wider choice for the purchaser to permit a combination of adjacent apartments to make larger units should they be required.

In addition, each apartment has individual ‘technical rooms’ adjacent to the external wall with ventilation louvres designed into the facade to allow the installation of an air conditioning system whilst maintaining a coherent external appearance of the building.

New innovative materials and technologies are transforming the look of metropolitan cities and the lifestyles of people living in them through designs like Mone where the move away from a metal and glass aesthetic towards a more natural and high quality feel for the building is expressed through the extensive use of natural stone and brick finishes. These provide a feeling of relaxed elegance, natural ambience and connectivity with the landscaping

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