Residential R+D

Our R+D team recognised that a buoyant residential market had frustrations in that unit mixes were subject to regular changes during the design stages and sometimes beyond

Project Details

    Sector Residential
  • Services Architecture

We analysed multiple schemes by us and others to look for systemic opportunities in the structure, services, facades and its openings, and the range of unit sizes. Following regular market advice changes we saw consistent reworkings of many of these aspects causing delays and extra costs so started to look across sectors for clues and then explored and applied ideas found in them.

This led to the eventual development of an ongoing testing of agile planning grids for schemes that would work with the full range of unit sizes but also a wide variety of residential types. This included market for sale, build to rent, micro units, student accommodation and even hotel rooms.

Our approach allows us to change the units mixes by standardising the structural grid and facades, providing an array of service locations and enabling party walls between units to slide through an uninterrupted clear space between the communal zones and the perimeter.

We have been applying this to our residential schemes, which also work well with the Hybrid design approach.

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